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Picking a date should be the first step of every wedding, that's why the first thing you should do is booking your venue on a specific date. We have a selection of more than 25 spectacular locations.

Wedding Packages

Choosing a wedding package is the best way to get an aproximate budget, once you have a budget you can start customizing everything to make it your way.

Awards and Recognition

Best Miami Weddings is proud to be recognized
by some of the most important and influential publications
and organizations around the world.

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This is your opportunity to truly share and celebrate the beginning of your journey.
Let us take the work out of wedding planning and put the fun into 
your lifeā€¦for a lifetime of memories.

Client's Testimonials

"My best recommandation is that if you are looking for a wedding venue that fits your budget Best Miami Weddings is a great place. They have great wedding packages according to your budget, lovely staff, and above all the staff are very professional."


"We cannot be happier with our decision to go with Best Miami Weddings. We selected the Club of Knights venue because it was small and quaint and had everything we needed for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception."


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